The Communications Regulation Commission hosts the 51-st regular meeting of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC)

The 51-st regular meeting of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations started today in the city of Sofia.

48 countries are members of the Committee which elaborates the common European policies and regulatory requirements in the sphere of electronic communications. 

The forum in Sofia is organized by the Communications Regulation Commission and held for the first time in our country. It gathered more than 80 representatives of the member countries to discuss issues related the management of radiofrequency spectrum, creation of the respective rules and conditions for its harmonized use.

The regular meeting was opened by Mr. Ivan Dimitrov, Chairman of the Communications Regulation Commission. He welcomed the participants and pointed out the challenges the telecommunications sector is facing such as introduction of 5G and implementation of the European Electronic Communications Code. Mr. Dimitrov expressed confidence that this meeting will contribute to taking the right decisions and steps forward.

The event will continue until 5th July.