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Public consultation on draft standards of ETSI

As the National standards organization (NSO) for ETSI in Bulgaria the CRC organizes the public consultation procedures and voting for these ETSI documents which gain “European standard” – EN status.

Under ETSI rules, draft standards pass a one-step (ENAP-EN Approval Procedure) or a two-step approval procedure (TAP). The one-step procedure applies to European standards and European harmonized standards developed by ETSI. A two-step procedure is used for European standards developed jointly by ETSI and partner organizations such as CEN, CENELEC and others.

TAP consist of two stages – Public Inquiry and Vote. In the one-step procedure, these two stages are merged into one EN Approval process, in the absence of technical comments and comments on draft standards.

Open procedures and draft standards can be seen on the links above.

Upon its opening by ETSI Secretariat every procedure is assigned a specific code, e.g.: AP20181107, PE20130628, V20180824. The figures indicate the year, month and date in which the voting was completed by the national standards organizations.

The role of NSOs for ETSI is to summarize and present at the ETSI Secretariat the observations and comments made on these documents and on that basis to be decided for each one of them whether to be adopted or not.

Any stakeholder should submit to the CRC its observations and comments at least one week before the deadline for voting in order to allow them to be processed and sent electronically to the ETSI Secretariat.



Director of Technical regulation (TR), CRC
Tsvetelina Sevlievska


 More information can be found in NSO for ETSI.